Tanis Anime
Kanji タニス
Rōmaji Tanisu
Age 11-years-old
Gender Male
Race Human
Personal Status
Status Alive
  • Aisuri (sister)
  • Ashisu (sister)
  • Snow (brother)
  • Suishi (sister)
Anime Episode 01
Voice Actor
Japanese Riho Sugiyama
Tanis (タニス, Tanisu) is one of the main characters of Shiyan Pin Jiating series. He is considered as a genius by his family.

Appearance Edit

Tanis is considered as the smallest of the five siblings and the only one who wasn’t genetically modified.

Personality Edit

Contrary to his appearence and size, Tanis is, in some ways, the most mature of all of his siblings, as,, unlike them, he was taught how to live alongside regular humans.

Tanis can sometimes be arrogant around others, openly stating he is a genius. This happens because of the way his parents, who were distant and egocentrical, raised him.

However, he deeply and truly cares for his family, and does everything he can to keep it happy and together.

In reality, he is a shy boy who struggles betweeen the usual problems of youth and the pressure to keep his family together, which sometimes can torment him to the point that his prideful, spoiled side takes over his mind.

Abilities and weaknesses Edit

Tanis is the only one of his siblings that was not genetically modified. Yet, he has a genius-level intellect, inherited from this parents.

He was able to master many complex topics, before the age of 10, and is talented enough to understand, and even work on, his parent's research on genetics.

Tanisu has little sense of direction and gets lost easily.
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