Suishi Anime
Kanji スイシ
Rōmaji Suishi
Age 14-years-old
Gender Female
Personal Status
Status Alive
  • Aisuri (sister)
  • Ashisu (sister)
  • Snow (brother)
  • Tanisu (youngest brother)
Anime Episode 01
Voice Actor
Japanese Yoshiko Ikuta

Suishi (スイシ, Suishi) is one of the main characters of Shiyan Pin Jiating series.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Suishi is an introvert and shows little emotion, which may cause discomfort to those that meet her. She almost never leaves her house, because her mind-reading powers make her stressed when near too much people.

She has no trouble saying, or threatening to say, people's thoughts and secrets aloud, which may annoy others.

Abilities and weaknesses Edit

Like all of her siblings, excluding Tanis, she was genetically modified during her childhood.

Suishi can hear the thoughts of humans and animals that are near her, For some reason, Snow's dog form is immune to her mind-reading.

Suishi's power also enables her to detect if a person is evil or not, unless the person is thinking in a way that does not make their intentions clear.

Suishi can also focus intently on one person's thoughts, although when too many thoughts arrive at her head all at once, Suishi will be overloaded and nearly faint.
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