Snow Anime
Kanji スノー
Rōmaji Sunō
Age 17-years-old
Gender Male
Personal Status
Status Alive
  • Aisuri (sister)
  • Ashisu (sister)
  • Suishi (sister)
  • Tanisu (youngest brother)
Anime Episode 01
Voice Actor
Japanese Daisuke Namikawa

Snow (スノー, Sunō) is one of the main characters of Shiyan Pin Jiating series.

Appearance Edit

Snow is a young man of average height. He is portrayed with white hair and light blue eyes (typical bishounen). At the start of the series, it is implied he lacks control over his ability to morph into a dog. However, It is easier for him to pass as a non-modified human being as shown in Tanisu's flashback of their escape from the research facility.

Snow is capable of transforming fully into a white dog in addition to exhibiting a hybrid body type. Where he can maintain a human body in addition to partial dog body parts like dog ears and a tail.

Personality Edit

Snow is the eldest in the family and has the ability to morph into a dog. His character is typically calm and quiet. He deeply cares for Tanisu and is often seen extending his help. Snow is often portrayed as showing indifference to Tanisu's egocentrism and extending help despite rising tensions. He's like the cool bro that doesn't like to tease overall brother dreams.

Just like a dog Snow is sensitive to loud sounds and has sensitive hearing so he can tell if there is an intruder but it can also be a bane as loud sounds like thunder disturb him.
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