Ashisu Anime
Kanji アシス
Rōmaji Ashisu
Age 16-years-old
Gender Female
Personal Status
Status Alive
  • Aisuri (sister)
  • Snow (brother)
  • Suishi (sister)
  • Tanisu (youngest brother)
Anime Episode 01
Voice Actor
Japanese Saori Hayami

Ashisu (アシス, Ashisu) is one of the main characters of Jikken-hin Kazoku: Creatures Family Days series. She and Aisuri are identical twins, despite their different appearences.

Appearance Edit

Ashisu is a beautiful young woman with a long, black hair.

Personality Edit

Ashisu has a nice and peaceful personality, She loves her siblings very much and especially her sister, Aisuri,

Like most of her siblings, she is not used to live among humans, and thus may involve herself in awkward situations from time to time.

Even though her good heart and nature stand out most of the time, her calm personality may cause her to appear indifferent, sometimes.

Abilities Edit

Like all of her siblings, except Tanis, she was genetically modified during her childhood. Her abilities revolve around plants and nature, and include:

Photosynthesis: Ashisu can, but does not neeed to eat, as she can live only with sunlight and fresh water.

Durability: Ashisu's body, or at least her legs, are hard like wood, to the point that, if a dog were to bite them, it would lose all its teeth, as seen on the anime.

Resistence/immunity to pain: Ashisu can be injured to some degree without feeling pain, Once, she pricked her finger and wrote a message with her own blood, without any discomfort or pain;

Full plant form: If Ashisu's powers are enhanced, for example, by the special medicine her parents invented, her plant DNA takes over, and she gradually turns into a fully grown tree, within hours, She is unable to move until the effect wears off.
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