Aisuri Anime
Kanji アイスリ
Rōmaji Aisuri
Age 16-years-old
Gender Female
Personal Status
Status Alive
  • Ashisu (sister)
  • Snow (brother)
  • Suishi (sister)
  • Tanisu (youngest brother)
Anime Episode 01
Voice Actor
Japanese Nanako Mori

Aisuri (アイスリ, Aisuri) is one of the main characters of Shiyan Pin Jiating series. She has the ability to become a spider and has gained this ability from the trade that was carried out by her parents.

Appearance Edit

Aisuri has a blonde hair . She used to be almost identical to Ashisu, her twin, until a potion changed her hair's shape and color.

she has distinctive fang-like scars on her face and legs, as well as four dark brown spider legs that sprout from her back.

Personality Edit

Aisuri can be a little harsh, but loves her siblings very much, and is willing to do anything to protect them.

As a half-spider, she possesses spider-like traits, and usually does not try to hide them. She enjoys hunting and eating bugs, and can become enraged if someone hurts or kills a spider in her presence.

Abilities Edit

Like all of her siblings, except Tanis, she was genetically modified during her childhood.

Spider Phyisiology: She has the agility and vitality of a spider, and may be considered as the most powerful person in the family due to her great physical strength.

Extra limbs: Her spider legs are very sharp, and can be used to pierce objects, like food, or to defend herself, if necessary.

Full spider form: When her powers lose control she becomes a giant, blonde spider, which cares only for its own survival and will hurt anything in its path, unless restrained, until the effect wears off.

Trivia Edit

  • In Japanese, Aisuri uses the very informal, male-only, pronoun "ore" (おれ, pronounced "oh-re") to refer to herself, indicating that she does not care about what others think of her.
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